Topeedu Designs provides full interior design services covering the Design Brief, Concept Design, Detailed Working Drawings and documentation necessary for construction, Contract Administration and Site Supervision.

Our understanding of and ability to apply interior, architectural and contemporary culture provides the starting point of the concept development. Topeedu Designs through consultation with the client ensures that the Design Brief provides a thorough analysis and documentation of the aesthetic, spatial, mechanical and electrical needs and limitations of each project.



Topeedu Designs offers a personalised Interior Decorating Service which involves,after consultation with the Client, the production of a floor layout of the interior space, a furniture schedule, mood boards and samples of the finishes and fabrics, window treatments, lighting, accessories, commissioned and bespoke art works if any. Topeedu Designs would handle the procurement, supply and execution as part of its services.



Topeedu Designs can procure and install finishes, furniture, fittings and equipment on behalf of our clients.

Topeedu Designs also offers a flexible and broad styling service which includes: designing, commissioning, selecting, procuring and arranging design accessories and artifacts that tie together the overall design scheme. This service has become increasingly popular with clients that undertake property developments and in branding commercial spaces.